Happy new year 2021

Well, 2020 was mixed. The year started with the so many hopes and dreams. I had thought to travel more. But due to the situation that happened to the world, all things came to a halt. 2020 brought us Covid19. This wasn’t a pleasant experience. By March, the lockdown started. I had come home for … Read more

Twenty twenty, Disney+ : Its been long

Its been so long I have written a blog post here. I have been trying out things with my new domain instead of writing here. This blog although unmaintained has a steady traffic for a few years now due to its old content. Gutenberg: The new editor I am writing this in Gutenberg editor. for … Read more

Happy New Year 2019

It’s another new year and here is my blog post bigsmile This is my first post using gutenberg editor for wordpress. Now let’s talk about last year in the usual way. Professionally: This was an awesome year with product launches and all bigsmile Coding: Little leisure coding and more professional coding smile Personal: This had … Read more