Happy New Year 2022

Let me start off by saying, i have more blog posts this year than the previous years. Lol bigsmile

There are a lot of recency bias in these posts. So I would like to get rid of those this year.

Lets talk about the usual things.

Personally it was a good year. Due to C O V I D and things, the year was pretty laid back.

Professionally it was a great year. Our product got acquired and there are lot of stuff coming up.

Regarding coding, it was a good year. No explosive stuff happened. But I am hoping it gets into that this year.

Bike and me reunited after a long time. Took all my things back to home from Trivandrum. Went to Trivandrum two times in Q4 and had a blast.

New knowledge acquired – NFT, Trading, Crypto etc.

Had a blast playing PlayStation and Xbox games. Got both consoles at retail price.

Forza Horizon 5 is currently my favorite game. Other games that I have enjoyed are Uncharted 4.

Finally after a long time since c o v i d, theatres opened and had a blast watching few films. I thought I am pretty much done with marvel movies as I was not interested in continue watching anymore of it. Spiderman: No Way Home changed it. Now I have a backlog of TV series to watch. neutral

Switched to iPhone from android. That is going well.

You probably know my thoughts on new year resolutions from previous posts. So I am not getting into it. But for this year, I would like to focus on wearing elegant dresses for all occasions. Hope it works out.

That is pretty much about it I think. This probably is my most unorganized new year post.

Have a great year ahead. Happy New Year smile


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