Happy New Year 2023

This has become a abandoned blog. I will try to fix things this year. More content will be posted.

Not a single post? Damn it!

Personally – it was a ok year. There are no ups or downs. Just went like a straight line. Which I don’t enjoy much.

Professionally – It was better this year. Done many things. Implemented several things.

Coding/Studying – A slightly different category maybe? – Studied a hell lot of things. The Q4 of this year was fun. Had so much fun with openai stuff like dalle, chatgpt etc. Then comes our beloved Stable diffusion. Oh man, this was so much fun. I will continue doing this in this year too.

Knolling case image generated using Stable Diffusion. Outpainted using dalle

Gaming – This was a good year. Enjoyed “Deliver Us The Moon” (I know there is a recency bias. But, it is actually a good enjoyable game).

Family – A new category? bigsmile – Niece was a born. smile

I now wish this year to be filled with content creation, ai art, ai content, gaming and coding.

Hope everyone had an awesome 2022. Lets get on a high seat and have a glimpse of the beautiful journey ahead of us. To 2023 and beyond!

Happy New Year. Have a blast!

Njoy smile


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