Happy new year 2021

Well, 2020 was mixed.

The year started with the so many hopes and dreams. I had thought to travel more. But due to the situation that happened to the world, all things came to a halt.

2020 brought us Covid19. This wasn’t a pleasant experience. By March, the lockdown started. I had come home for my sister’s engagement and never went back to Trivandrum. I miss riding my bike.

During the months followed, April, may didn’t get out of the house much due the scare tactics by the media and the strong lockdown. Then house repairs started for the sister’s marriage, and it went successfully.

The very next day, I got engaged and got married on Oct 19 smile

Everyone started living with the virus and the things are going back to normal even though there are more cases now than we had during the lockdown.

During my school days, I used to think a situation where we don’t have to go to school, this year showed me how that would have been. People adopted technologies to reach out, study and work.

Regarding the movies, there wasn’t many movies this year, watched all the famous ones. Missed the theatre experience very much.

Had played lot of games this year. Xbox gamepass, steam etc. Tried to get XBOX series X, the next gen console, but wasn’t available. Shortages on processors and new gen console.

Professionally, the year was uneventful. Personally, the year was great. Coding, the year was ok.

This year was lazy. But started working out regularly. so, progress?! I didn’t do many things that I wanted to do in 2020, I hope to change this year. I need to bring discipline to the work and hobbies to derive some benefits from them. I hope to achieve these things this year.

Be grateful for your health and let the new year brings so much hope.

Happy New Year smile


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