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Happy New Year 2020

Last year I forgot to write the blog post about new year. I don’t remember any other year which I forgot about this after I started writing about new year. If you have read my previous (its very easy to find as I don’t blog much these days tongue ) it usually involves in a […]

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Twenty twenty, Disney+ : Its been long

Its been so long I have written a blog post here. I have been trying out things with my new domain instead of writing here. This blog although unmaintained has a steady traffic for a few years now due to its old content. Gutenberg: The new editor I am writing this in Gutenberg editor. for […]


Happy New Year 2019

It’s another new year and here is my blog post bigsmile This is my first post using gutenberg editor for wordpress. Now let’s talk about last year in the usual way. Professionally: This was an awesome year with product launches and all bigsmile Coding: Little leisure coding and more professional coding smile Personal: This had […]


init script for mongodb 4 on WSL in ubuntu 18.04

If you try to start mongodb on WSL using systemd you will be getting this error. System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can’t operate. There seems to be no init script for mongodb 4 on ubuntu 18.04(may be other versions too). This makes it complicated for starting mongodb in […]


Install flameshot on ubuntu 16.04

Update 2 In ubuntu 18.04, flameshot can be installed directly sudo apt install flameshot Update There is a ppa for this now. Follow the below link First check whether you have git installed sudo apt install git Clone the repository using this command git clone Go to the clone directory cd flameshot Install […]