Happy New Year 2020

Last year I forgot to write the blog post about new year. I don’t remember any other year which I forgot about this after I started writing about new year. If you have read my previous (its very easy to find as I don’t blog much these days tongue ) it usually involves in a standard theme around which i mention my ups and downs in professional, personal, coding life and I usually write this around 31st December without giving much thoughts to it. This year it is gonna be slightly different. This year we are going to cover a lot of things. I started preparing for this post by the end of November. I made one mistake though, I forgot to write down the points I want to share. All these things are the things that are stuck in my head since 2019 January. Lets dig in.

For the TL;DR people: I liked 2019. Happy New Year smile

I was excited for 2019, actually the first part. By the end of 2018 i thought that the first half would be awesome and the second half would be boring. The reason to this was the end of Avengers and completion of Game of Thrones series (damn, my life currently revolves around movies and TV series. No regrets :P)

Lets talk about movies and series. I watched around 28 movies in theaters. Probably have beaten my previous records. I was obsessed with watching movies in big screen and I have a bike to get around. When i think about Avengers being this year, i feel this year was too long. In reality, for me, it was a mix. I felt it was adequate. So many good series ended. Game of Thrones, the ending was meh. Elementary has a good ending. The Big Bang Theory had a nice ending. About avengers, The booking of avengers opened while I was in travelling in train. I couldn’t get the tickets to my preferred cinemas where I know fans would be there to cheer throughout the movie. I booked with another cinemas and hoped it would have fans like my goto cinemas. My expectations were exceeded. That was one of the most amazing bunch of fans i have ever had the pleasure of watching a marvel(or any other) movie with. It was awesome. About new series, Witcher; I waited for this for many months. It was nice but something was missing. Later I found out that, they didn’t have Game of thrones like budget. If they had, that would have been amazing. If I missed some series, i will edit and put it here.

One of the interesting campaigns I saw was by teamtrees. It is about collecting 20million USD to plant 20 million trees. 1 USD = 1 Tree. They reached their goal few days back.

There has been some changes in how I approach things. This started around November(yup, revelations comes in may forms. I am a diamondNTR (for those who can understand it :D). I started developing applications as soon as it came to my head. So developed and deployed some. Some are still in development, will deploy very soon. Also I need to improve my writing, increase my content and update my vocabulary.

Attended PyCon Chennai. It was a nice experience. One thing that struck me was. Do(develop) with what you know the best. This was cemented by how Will Kuwan approaches things.

This year is the year I got rid of many of my domains. What is the point of keeping them if you are not using or selling it.

Usually I don’t take resolutions. What is the point of starting something on 1st Jan where I should have started that thing when it came to mind. Jan 1 isn’t going to change any of that laziness. So no new things. Instead I am improving things. There are somethings that I need to tackle. I would like to improve the discipline (one thing i found out about disciple is that, once we start improving discipline, all other things falls in line. Discipline is Alpha). I also want to get rid of (or at least try to) recency bias. Getting rid of that would mean keeping a Journal, which I don’t have the disciple to keep up with. See, all road ultimately leads of Discipline.

Then there were births, marriages, deaths that I don’t want to talk about it here. One other thing I realized that (may be it was always there or I ignored or never noticed it). I really like spending time with people whom I miss when they or I leave. I just want to freeze such moments.

One of the interesting song that stuck with me this year was Blowing in the wind. It was written in 1967 and is very much relevant today.

Regarding tech, In 2019, i wanted USB-C on all devices I buy. But that didn’t work out well. This year, i won’t buy things that aren’t USB-C (except supporting things for the current gadgets I have). Finally bought an interchangeable mirrorless camera (a6400). I wanted one for so long. The lens are expensive sad

New things I have acquired knowledge(or improved) about are illustrator, premier pro and after effects. I thought of doing an animation for 2020 poster, but this thing keeps crashing. Featured image is a post I did myself, in my vision taking the elements from flaticons. I will try to improve upon this too. I started a design centric Instagram profile, but that is not doing well.

I think I have covered all things that I wanted to share.

Here is how I look in 2019 Dec 28th. Taken with a6400

Yes, I started growing hair for the first time in my life bigsmile

I hope you had a great 2019 like I did.

Have an amazing 2020.

Happy New Year.

Enjoy smile

Lets party!!! bigsmile


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