Twenty twenty, Disney+ : Its been long

Its been so long I have written a blog post here. I have been trying out things with my new domain instead of writing here. This blog although unmaintained has a steady traffic for a few years now due to its old content.

Gutenberg: The new editor
I am writing this in Gutenberg editor. for those of who don’t know about it, its a controversial new default editor for WordPress. I didn’t like its first version and i switched to classic editor. But this time, with the improvements it has it looks nice. I have to do more testing to see whether I like it or not. Maybe I will start sharing here more often

Disney+: A streaming service from Disney
Disney+ released today, which is what made me write this blog post in the first place. It has released with plethora of old and awesome titles. To get the list of titles you can visit my random blog here: : new blogs and projects
I’ve been writing random things in Some of the projects there are

Twenty twenty: A new theme from wordpress
For most part of this blog, i have used only the themes from WordPress. Its been in twenty fifteen for so long now, I got used to that so much and like it very much. I think its time for a change. From this post on I am switching to twenty twenty and see how it goes. If you are reading this and its showing the old theme, just assume that I didn’t like twenty twenty.

Edit 1
In this new editor, publish is on top and move to trash is on side. With the previous memory, i was about to trash this blog post

That’s all folks, Thank you and Enjoy smile


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