Happy New Year 2016


A new year is approaching in few hours :P. A lot has passed in an year. But as usual i had only very few posts here. So by now you would have understood that i am bad at keeping these things. 
Last year i categorised how it was year in personal and professional front. Let’s continue that tradition.

Personal – Good, there were ups and downs

Coding – Freaking awesome (changed immensely this year wink )

Professional – Good. Switched job. 

Since you know, and for those who don’t know, i don’t take any new year resolutions as it got delayed by a few years bigsmile . But i hope coming year everything is going to mix and come out perfectly.

Also, i wanted to try a new feature “thoughts”. Lets start the first one here…today

I always wanted things that are impossible to get

Happy New Year. Njoy smile

Let's discuss now…

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