• 2018: Happy New Year

    2018: Happy New Year

    Yup, Another year in the passing. Here is a graph(not really :D). I will talk about this down below So, How was my year? Well, professionally it was great. Coding, It was good. Personally? Look the above graph. I am taking all my previous resolutions (like from 2009. I don’t remember many but I will […] Continue reading

  • An ordeal with

    An ordeal with

    One fine morning my phone went into a reboot loop, probably because of out of memory. Tried to adb, but wasn’t working but fastboot seems to be working. Attempted to boot a bootloader with fastboot which failed. I gave up, went to recovery and did factory reset. I was hoping that would be the end […] Continue reading

  • Happy New Year 2016

    Happy New Year 2016

         A new year is approaching in few hours :P. A lot has passed in an year. But as usual i had only very few posts here. So by now you would have understood that i am bad at keeping these things.  Last year i categorised how it was year in personal and professional front. […] Continue reading

  • That was faaast!!!

    That was faaast!!!

      So, 2014 is almost over and I have already changed due date of new year resolutions to 31st December 2015 cool Was this a great year? In developing? Nah Professionally? ok Personal life? bloody awesome bigsmile Lets hope this year brings more joy to you and me. Lets rock on \m/. HAPPY NEW YEAR […] Continue reading

  • Kannapuram Railway Station

    My station….the one which I use to catch trains every morning for the past 4 years… My clg life will be over soon… Continue reading