When I couldn’t file the RTI : Possible solutions

RTI – Right to Information

I tried to file an RTI from the website https://rtionline.gov.in . But no matter what I have tried, i will get the following error

Only alphabets A-Z a-z number 0-9 and special characters , . – _ ( ) / @ : & \ % are allowed in Text for RTI Request application

So after trying different things i finally tried google as usual. Reached a linked pulse here where the author had described several issues he encountered while filing the RTI from the official website.

One of the thing that he mentions was  the “apostrophe”. Apparently RTI categorizes this as an invalid character for them. So I converted my “isn’t” to “is not” . Submitted. Error again.

Then I had a few question marks, its RTI so it will have question mark. For testing, i removed them and clicked submit. Voila, the RTI filed successfully.

So keep in mind,

Remove common special characters like  apostrophe(‘), question mark(?) while filing the RTI from the official website of RTI.

Enjoy filing smile



2 responses to “When I couldn’t file the RTI : Possible solutions”

  1. Thanks a lot man it worked

  2. Aapka abhari Avatar
    Aapka abhari

    Thank you so much! I’d been pulling my hair for hours over this. Tried so many workarounds but to no avail. Question mark was my problem. Can’t believe it would be so stupid.

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