Keralites ruin coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk

Keralites ruin coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk

I was travelling with 22 international bloggers for the past one week as part of KeralaBlogExpress by Kerala Tourism

One question by one of the travel bloggers is “Why people in kerala ruin the coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk”.

The explanation given by our guide Manoj is as follows

Tea plantations in Kerala was started by the British. Since most of the good quality tea or coffee that is produced in Kerala was exported and what left of it, the dust is what will reach the local market. This continued many years. So in order to make this dust suitable for drinking people of kerala added milk and sugar to it. Altough we get good quality tea now, the tradition of adding milk and sugar to it continued till now.

So, in my case i might not like the most expensive tea without sugar and milk uneasy

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