Happy New Year 2017

Ok, we are going to a new year.
As usual i am going to tell you how it was me personaly, professional and in coding.
Personaly, ups and downs.

Professionally, great.

Coding, neutral.
Now to the new year ritual, there are some changes this year, i actually achieved some of the resolutions. Yup, even i can’t believe it. But i didn’t set out to make it happen. It just happened. Just checked the list few days back and realised i can cross something . For the rest, as usual will move to dec 2017 deadline.
I liked 2016. I don’t know what awaits 2017, but hoping it to be ups and downs like a beating heart. Which is nice, I think.
I would like to add something that i have been thinking of including in the new year post since the start of december. Well i will start this ritual next year tongue

And finally for those who says it just another day, f*** off. For others, I wish you a very Happy New Year and may your year be awesome. 
Njoy smile


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