When I couldn’t file the RTI : Possible solutions

RTI – Right to Information

I tried to file an RTI from the website https://rtionline.gov.in . But no matter what I have tried, i will get the following error

Only alphabets A-Z a-z number 0-9 and special characters , . – _ ( ) / @ : & \ % are allowed in Text for RTI Request application

So after trying different things i finally tried google as usual. Reached a linked pulse here where the author had described several issues he encountered while filing the RTI from the official website.

One of the thing that he mentions was  the “apostrophe”. Apparently RTI categorizes this as an invalid character for them. So I converted my “isn’t” to “is not” . Submitted. Error again.

Then I had a few question marks, its RTI so it will have question mark. For testing, i removed them and clicked submit. Voila, the RTI filed successfully.

So keep in mind,

Remove common special characters like  apostrophe(‘), question mark(?) while filing the RTI from the official website of RTI.

Enjoy filing smile


Happy New Year 2017

Ok, we are going to a new year.
As usual i am going to tell you how it was me personaly, professional and in coding.
Personaly, ups and downs.

Professionally, great.

Coding, neutral.
Now to the new year ritual, there are some changes this year, i actually achieved some of the resolutions. Yup, even i can’t believe it. But i didn’t set out to make it happen. It just happened. Just checked the list few days back and realised i can cross something . For the rest, as usual will move to dec 2017 deadline.
I liked 2016. I don’t know what awaits 2017, but hoping it to be ups and downs like a beating heart. Which is nice, I think.
I would like to add something that i have been thinking of including in the new year post since the start of december. Well i will start this ritual next year tongue

And finally for those who says it just another day, f*** off. For others, I wish you a very Happy New Year and may your year be awesome. 
Njoy smile

Keralites ruin coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk

Keralites ruin coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk

I was travelling with 22 international bloggers for the past one week as part of KeralaBlogExpress by Kerala Tourism

One question by one of the travel bloggers is “Why people in kerala ruin the coffee/tea by adding sugar and milk”.

The explanation given by our guide Manoj is as follows

Tea plantations in Kerala was started by the British. Since most of the good quality tea or coffee that is produced in Kerala was exported and what left of it, the dust is what will reach the local market. This continued many years. So in order to make this dust suitable for drinking people of kerala added milk and sugar to it. Altough we get good quality tea now, the tradition of adding milk and sugar to it continued till now.

So, in my case i might not like the most expensive tea without sugar and milk uneasy