Best method to configure cleartype


Switch on color inversion from Magnifier and run ClearType

is Microsoft’s implementation of subpixel rendering technology in rendering text in a font system.

and ClearType sucks. ClearType doesn’t give the best font and the font looks awful bad even after configuring several times. I have tried it several times to get the font atleast good.

But while I was checking the magnifier recently, i came across color inversion and saw that my font looks awful while the color is inverted.

So i tried to switch on the inverted option in magnifier to and tried to configure the ClearType and selected all the ones that are good, and applied them.

Once i return back from color inversion, my font looked better than what I had previously applied.

Although it worked perfectly for some parts, other parts which looked nice before became bad.

Enjoy smile

When I couldn’t file the RTI : Possible solutions

RTI – Right to Information

I tried to file an RTI from the website . But no matter what I have tried, i will get the following error

Only alphabets A-Z a-z number 0-9 and special characters , . – _ ( ) / @ : & \ % are allowed in Text for RTI Request application

So after trying different things i finally tried google as usual. Reached a linked pulse here where the author had described several issues he encountered while filing the RTI from the official website.

One of the thing that he mentions was  the “apostrophe”. Apparently RTI categorizes this as an invalid character for them. So I converted my “isn’t” to “is not” . Submitted. Error again.

Then I had a few question marks, its RTI so it will have question mark. For testing, i removed them and clicked submit. Voila, the RTI filed successfully.

So keep in mind,

Remove common special characters like  apostrophe(‘), question mark(?) while filing the RTI from the official website of RTI.

Enjoy filing smile


Happy New Year 2017

Ok, we are going to a new year.
As usual i am going to tell you how it was me personaly, professional and in coding.
Personaly, ups and downs.

Professionally, great.

Coding, neutral.
Now to the new year ritual, there are some changes this year, i actually achieved some of the resolutions. Yup, even i can’t believe it. But i didn’t set out to make it happen. It just happened. Just checked the list few days back and realised i can cross something . For the rest, as usual will move to dec 2017 deadline.
I liked 2016. I don’t know what awaits 2017, but hoping it to be ups and downs like a beating heart. Which is nice, I think.
I would like to add something that i have been thinking of including in the new year post since the start of december. Well i will start this ritual next year tongue

And finally for those who says it just another day, f*** off. For others, I wish you a very Happy New Year and may your year be awesome. 
Njoy smile

Fix ubuntu 16.04 macbook brightness issue after lid close

Note: All tests are being done on 2013 macbook air

Ubuntu on MacBook almost works perfectly like any other laptops out there. There are some issues though. One the most annoying one is the brightness issue. Once the lid is closed, it goes to sleep state. After waking up, only 2 options for the brightness 0 or 100.

To solve the issue we need to install mba6x_bl

Follow the following steps

╰─○ git clone git:// 
╰─○ cd mba6x_bl 
╰─○ make
╰─○ checkinstall
╰─○ sudo dpkg -i mba6x-bl_xxxxxx_amd64.deb (check your folder for the exact name of deb file generated from check install)
╰─○ sudo depmod -a 
╰─○ sudo modprobe mba6x_bl 
╰─○ sudo reboot

That’s it folks. You have successfully squashed the bug

Enjoy smile

Serving Flask helloworld using uwsgi

uwsgi is a high performance, low-resource usage web server for deploying python application.

In this post, i am going to show how to serve a simple HelloWorld application in flask using uwsgi



pip install flask 

pip install uwsgi

Now lets create our

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)

def hello():
    return "Hello World!"

if __name__ == "__main__":

So we have created a simple flask application. Now lets create a run file for running the application

from app import app as application
if __name__ == "__main__":

Now we need to create a .ini (uwsgi.ini) file to save the settings for serving the uwsgi

http =
chdir = /home/name/flaskuwsgi
wsgi-file =
processes = 4
threads = 2
stats =

now serve the application by running uwsgi uwsgi.ini. You can view your application at

if you wish to serve it via nginx, configure reverse proxy to the ip and port after changing the first line in uwsgi.ini to

socket =

Njoy smile