USB Live boot Kali Linux on Mac

Follow the steps to USB Live boot Kali Linux on Mac

1.  Download Kali Linux from

2.  Open Terminal (use spotlight for easier access)

3. Run the following in Terminal (don’t forget to change the path)

hdiutil (e.g.,hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/Kali.iso)

4. The output file will be target.img.dmg. Change it to target.img

5. Insert the pen drive

6. Run diskutil list again and determine the device node assigned to your flash media (e.g. /dev/disk2).

7. Run diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN (replace N with the disk number from the last command; in the previous example, N would be 2).

8. Execute sudo dd if=/path/to/target.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m (replace /path/to/target.img with the path where the image file is located.

9. Run diskutil eject /dev/diskN and remove your flash media when the command completes.

10. Restart your Mac and press alt/option key while the Mac is restarting to choose the USB stick.


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  1. need to use kali in mac os

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