Font Apk Creator

It was littleĀ frustratingĀ to for me to convert the fonts to apk when someone requests it over xda or when i need some font to be installed on to my phone. The tasks involves renaming files, editing the contents of file. It took some time to create a font that manner. So I thought of creating a script to automate the process. Hence I came up with the Font Apk Creator.

Font Apk Creator is created by apktool and signapk and writing the script for the automation. The script was written in python,UI for it is done using tkinter and the exe generated using py2exe

You can get the Font Apk Creator over XDA by following the below link. It contains Requirements, Instructions and Installation instructions

The application is being update. You can help me by posting the bugs over the XDA forum.

Thank you. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Current Status: I abandoned the project. Sorry sad