Resize bluestacks on mac osx

    1. Open the file com.BlueStacks.AppPlayer.plist from ~/Library/Preferences/ using any text editor
    2. Find the text Framebuffer
    3. Below Framebuffer you can see height and width Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 17.56.21
    4. Specify the height and width you wish to use
    5. Now change the following line




Now save, exit and open Bluestacks smile


5 responses to “Resize bluestacks on mac osx”

  1. Howdy Mithun,
    Thank you so much for putting the instructions to changing the size of the bluestacks–it was driving me insane not to see the entire display, but google found your site and vectored me in here for the solution…kenny

  2. where can you find the line RestartGuestOnFrontendLaunch

    1. RestartGuestOnFrontendLaunch can be found just above the


  3. On my machine, this file was located under /Users/singh/Library/Preferences folder. Thanks for the headsup

  4. last version of bluestacks 2 for Mac haven’t this article, how make this

    thank you

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