Best method to configure cleartype

TL:DR Switch on color inversion from Magnifier and run ClearType ClearType is Microsoft’s implementation of subpixel rendering technology in rendering text in a font system. and ClearType sucks. ClearType doesn’t give the best font and the font looks awful bad even after configuring several times. I have tried it several times to get the font … Read more

Library not loaded: libcrypto.1.0.0.dylib issue in mac

You might have come across this error while dealing with the openssl module. Inorder to solve this issue follow the following steps Step 1: Install openssl using brew brew install openssl Step 2: Copy copy libssl.1.0.0.dylib and libcrypto.1.0.0.dylib cd /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.1f/lib sudo cp libssl.1.0.0.dylib libcrypto.1.0.0.dylib /usr/lib/ Note the bold folder name. There will be change in that … Read more

Apple’s Custom 30 year font which works with regular alphabets

Apple left an easter egg  in its new 30 years of Mac tribute website today: A custom font that depicts each Mac model from the past three decades of its history as a maker of personal computers. The original font which is found in the apple website uses special private characters so once installed, you … Read more

.htaccess redirect from old domain to new domain

Htaccess is a powerful tool. Simplest mistake in syntax can cause problems. In this post i am talking about the permanent redirect, ie 301 redirect of old domain to new domain. Case 1: if you need to keep the url structure of old domain in the new one eg: gets redirected to Do … Read more