Install flameshot on ubuntu 16.04

Update 2

In ubuntu 18.04, flameshot can be installed directly

sudo apt install flameshot


There is a ppa for this now. Follow the below link

First check whether you have git installed

sudo apt install git

Clone the repository using this command

git clone

Go to the clone directory

cd flameshot

Install the dependencies

sudo apt install -y git g++ build-essential qt5-qmake qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools

Compile and install using qmake and make install


make install #desktop entry fails with warning

To use it

flameshot gui #via terminal

Enjoy smile

2018: Happy New Year

Yup, Another year in the passing.

Here is a graph(not really :D).

I will talk about this down below

So, How was my year?

Well, professionally it was great.

Coding, It was good.

Personally? Look the above graph.

I am taking all my previous resolutions (like from 2009. I don’t remember many but I will try to keep up bigsmile ) along with me this year too.

Have a great year ahead everyone.

Happy New Year smile